It seems to be a misconception for some Buyers that they will save money if they do not use a Real Estate professional to represent them when purchasing new construction.  Where in fact, they could pay more!  Here are some important things to consider:

  1. Good, reputable Builders love REALTORS®, and will often offer bonuses in addition to their commission as incentives!  They know that REALTORS® are the “life blood” of the real estate market, so by encouraging Buyers to use them, they know they will continue to have a steady stream of future customers/clients.
  2. REALTORS® are great negotiators!  I have saved my past new construction clients plenty of money just by asking the Builder for “extras” that the average buyer does not think of…like including the window coverings or the refrigerator in their appliance package.  These items are common incentives that Builders will run as promotions throughout the year, so they are typically willing to include them off-promotion to get the sale now.
  3. Most REALTORS® have done several new construction transactions with many different builders throughout their careers.  We can use this experience to guide our Buyer Clients in their Design Center selections!  We know that by adding that second sink in the master now, (but forgoing the “designer” light fixtures with inflated prices) will be money well spent, and likely be much easier to do today than further down the road when you realize the inconvenience of it; and it will typically add more resale value.  Standard Builder light fixtures can easily be swapped out anytime and are often something that a homeowner will swap out in a couple of years anyway as trends and styles change.
  4. We are real estate professionals who hold a real estate license and use real estate contracts in our day to day operations.  Who better to review and guide Buyers when they are faced with signing a Builder’s contract?
  5. We know other real estate related professionals…such as lenders, home inspectors and insurance agents.  We realize that Builders want Buyers to use their preferred companies, but is it really in the Buyer’s best interest?  As REALTORS®, we can at least help the buyer do some “comparative” shopping around when it comes to choosing who they will get their mortgage from or which company they will use for their homeowner’s insurance.  And don’t think that you shouldn’t hire your own inspector to make sure everything is “as it should be” with the construction of your home prior to closing!   Just because it is new, doesn’t always mean it’s right.
  6. Lastly, we can act as a moderator, or “buffer” between you, the Buyer/homeowner and them, the Builder salesperson/Seller.  Because after all, they represent the Builder, not you! This will probably be one of the most expensive transactions you will ever make, so wouldn’t it be nice to have a REALTOR® in your corner defending you and asking the tough, uncomfortable questions?  I think so!

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