I was thumbing through an old Texas REALTOR magazine and came across a short article that really struck me as something that was interesting, and thought would make many homeowners feel good, and encourage first time home buyers.  It was about the benefits of owning your own home, and not the financial benefits (which are also good reasons to own a home!), but the social benefits for you and your entire family!  I’ll outline them below:

  1. Health and Happiness:  homeowners vs. renters are often happier and have less health issues, even if they have the same income and education level.
  2. Child’s well-being:  kids reap the benefits of “positive parenting” behavior, have more school involvement opportunities and engage more in neighborhood activities.  Examples of this would be neighborhood block parties or parent-organized school carpooling to and from school and “after school activities” such as athletics or dance.  Believe it or not, kids even have better math and reading skills because of residential stability…
  3. Involvement in the community:  neighborhood events like bake sales or “fun runs” that give funds to a good cause are another benefit.  We have those types of events all the time in my Castle Hills neighborhood!  Homeowners form better relationships with their neighbors and they are usually more politically and civically active.  The best thing is that this happens in both high dollar and low-value homes… the fact that you’re a homeowner makes you engage more with those who live around you.
  4. Crime Prevention:  Neighbors watch out for neighbors; it’s as simple as that!  There are less property and personal crimes committed in neighborhoods where there are more homeowners than renters.

I don’t reiterate all these points to make renters feel bad.  That’s not my intention; after all, buying a home isn’t an easy monetary undertaking, and there are good reasons why people lease homes.  My intention is to encourage anyone who is trying to justify why they haven’t bought a home, for whatever reason… and not just for financial benefits, but for personal well-being too.  Good luck, and happy house hunting!  We at Castle Hills Real Estate would love to help you achieve your homeowner’s dream!