Coming Soon is a new listing option in MLS now available to North Texas realtors! This new status allows brokers to list properties as “Coming Soon” before it’s “Active.” This means that the seller isn’t ready yet to show the property but allows us to help gain exposure for the listing prior to marking the property as active.

As a seller, why would you want to list your property as “Coming Soon” vs. just waiting to list your property as “Active” when it’s ready? The number one reason is marketing! A house listed as “Coming Soon” in MLS a week prior to active market date allows the home to be seen by agents throughout the metroplex which can build up the hype on the property. Agents can notify potential buyers of your new, hot property about to come on the market and make plans to show your home within the first few days it’s active! This status also allows sellers time to prepare their home while still marketing the property. You’ll have more time to make necessary repairs, get your carpets or windows cleaned, paint and more! Also, owners will have full control during this time; they can decide who and when can view the home while it is Coming Soon and can even accept an offer before the home is listed as active!  

Of course, there are rules to follow regarding a “Coming Soon” listing. First of all, for any agent to market a “Coming Soon” listing in MLS, there must be a signed listing agreement in place with the owners. The home also needs to be an actually Coming Soon, not-ready-yet property and not simply a listing just sitting off the market, open only to certain investors or buyers. Our MLS only allows listings to be “Coming Soon” for up to 14 days. After that time, the home must be made Active or taken off the market. Most importantly, it is solely the sellers’ decision to market their home as “Coming Soon!” Every agent should go over with you the pros and cons of listing your home as “Coming Soon” before you make your decision.  As your trusted REALTOR, we only act in your best interest, at your behest.

Sellers, be sure to take advantage of this new status! You can gain more exposure for your listing while you take the time to prepare the home.

Please feel free to contact us at Castle Hills Real Estate if you have any questions about listing your home.  We’re always here to help!